Passion for Aviation

History of Jett Air X

The company Jett Air X was created in order to provide complete technical assistance and management in the executive aviation segment.

The primary objective of the company is to ensure the maintenance of aircraft, whether preventive or by calendar intervals, and to provide a precise analysis and control in everything that revolves around aircraft, always in accordance with regulatory agencies.

In this way, the company always seeks to bring greater practicality and safety to the owners of executive planes, crews and their operators.

Team Sense

Discover Jett Air X differentials

The vast experience of Jettairx professionals in the executive aviation industry makes the company a growing exponentially in providing the best technical advice on maintenance solutions in the market.

Jettairx favors transparency and works according to the “Around the Clock Service” system (available 24 hours every day of the week, according to the client’s needs).

Our biggest differential today is being able to count with a team of professionals who have already worked as Maintenance Sales Manager in aircrafts workshop facilities, technicians who regularly take courses and obtain certifications in several different aircrafts types and models, and even those who once owned a maintenance workshop facility before and have been for more than 35 years in the executive aviation business, with a different perspective in the segment.

Our Motto

Safety. Efficiency. Transparency.

Jett Air X is based on the S.E.T (Safety, Efficiency and Transparency) model to establish a standard quality in our business and offer the best technical advice solutions on aircraft on the market, with highly qualified professionals and advanced equipment.

Combining this premise, and our passion for helping our customers achieve success and fly high, Jett Air X has been serving the executive aviation industry with excellence.

Fly Safe. Fly High

Integration, Intimacy, Determination and Respect are the keywords that describe Jett Air X in the market

Our Mission

Leverage the success of our customers, through technical and management services in aircraft, which guarantee the safety and mobility of their operations. Our commitment to safety in executive maintenance is at the forefront of each project, which aims to guarantee the best solutions to the customer, to bring the best cost benefit and make the aviation logistics available for a longer period of time.

Our Vision

Lead the executive aviation market with safety, transparency and profitability.

Our Values

  • Our responsibility to safety is always at the forefront of all projects;
  • The diversity of management/technical solutions in operations;
  • Good relations with customers, workshops facilities and operators, based on transparency, respect and integrity;
  • Improvement: constant search for the evolution of the company and for Brazilian executive aviation.