Technical Maintenance Control

  • Monitoring / Monthly updates of airworthiness guidelines (Cell, APU, Engines and components);
  • Analysis of mandatory bulletins and Service Letters from the Cell, APU and Engines;
  • Analysis of documentation proving the origin of material from Cell, APU and Engines;
  • Monitoring / Updates of flight manuals, operations and checklist;
  • Monitoring / updates of mandatory on-board documentation;
  • Monthly controls of: Camp System / Cescom, Smart Parts, and update of the hours of the Cell, APU and Engines;
  • Analysis and Preservation of Primary Maintenance Records (Logbooks, Forms, Reports, Reports and Logbooks);
  • Analysis / Monthly updates of the Cell, APU and Engine Inspection program;
  • Analysis / monthly updates of limit life, inspection and general overhaul of components of the Cell, APU and Engines;

Maintenance and Inspections

  • • Research for approved workshops facilities with the best cost-benefit;
  • Monitoring and following-up Inspections and Maintenance both in Brazil and overseas;
  • Ability to question and negotiate services quotations from workshop facilities due to the expertise of our professionals;
  • Monitoring and following up Inspections and Maintenance services at Workshops facilities in order to ensure that services are well performed and that the aircraft is available to return to use in a short period of time;
  • Analysis and Monitoring/following-up of Records generated from maintenance services (Service Orders, Forms, Reports, Forms, Reports, Logbooks);
Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Services

Jett Air X professionals are always closely monitoring the conditions of the aircrafts

The purpose of pre-flight and post-flight inspections is to closely observe the aircraft and all its components, before and after a flight.

First, in order to prepare the aircraft for a safe flight, and then, to certify that the aircraft returned from flight with conditions properly free from abnormalities.

Examples of some items checked before and after flights:
  • Checking the condition of the aircraft;
  • Checking the condition of the aircraft components and equipment;
  • Tire pressure and tire calibration;
  • Oxygen verification and calibration;
  • Verification and calibration of emergency air;
  • Verification of Engine Oil and APU;
  • Checking of documents and on-board mandatory manuals.

You have finally found the aircraft you wanted to buy...

After a long period of time searching for an ideal aircraft that is within your purchasing power and that is perfectly suited to your convenience and comfort in your travels and business, you finally find that aircraft in which it is decided to be your next investment.

And now, what is the next step?

It’s time to perform an Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection!

But what does an Aircraft Pre Purchase mean?

The purpose of an Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection is to determine whether an aircraft – in the case that is of interest to the buyer, has a non-standard defect or condition (according to the manufacturer or civil aviation authority) that could either cause the potential buyer to give up on the purchase, or who could submit a renegotiation between both parties in the desired business values.


Why should I hire Jett Air X to perform the Pre Purchase Inspection for the aircraft I am interested in?

A Pre Purchase inspection should always be performed by someone who has extensive knowledge and experience not only in the documentary part of the aircraft, but also in the physical part and its systems in general, as well as various coverage and control programs, such as Smart Parts , Pro Parts, EEC, MSP, GE on Point, JSSI, Camp System, Cescom among others.

It is essential to know exactly where to look for problems, for example, to know well the points of the aircraft that suffer some type of common or occasional failures.

For this reason, due to the excellent technical quality of Jett Air X professionals, and the fact that we see crucial and decisive points and go beyond that of other companies, Jett Air X is one of the best companies on the market when the subject is about Pre-Purchase Inspections.

We have no doubt that there are excellent professionals working in the same Pre-purchase area, but in the vast majority these professionals place more emphasis on the documentary area, unlike Jett Air X, where we have professionals from both the Technical and documentary areas, with several years working in workshops as a maintenance technician and courses for several aircraft at the appropriate manufacturers.

Jett Air X has already carried out dozens of pre-orders for several different aircraft models, always focusing on avoiding future problems, so we know the procedures well and are always willing to guarantee success and customer satisfaction.

Jett Air X offers our aircraft pre-purchase inspection services to companies and customers interested in purchasing new or used aircraft (planes and helicopters), both in Brazil and overseas, providing all advice regarding everything that involves:

(flight conditions, state and internal and external conservation of the aircraft and its components)
(survey of documents, modifications, verification of inspections and maintenance carried out, and which will be carried out in the future, and the documental history of the aircraft)